Struggling with Suffering

‘Struggling with Suffering’ is a new, six session short course written by Revd Janet Appleby of the Good Shepherd Church, Wallsend.

The course looks at suffering as a theological issue, rather than at strategies for how to cope with it personally. It asks the question, ‘how can there be a loving God when there is so much suffering?’ and challenges our unconscious assumptions about the nature of God and God’s power. It is for those who wish to respond to suffering with faith, and to be able to discuss it with others in the light of faith. Janet comments, ‘It is hoped that it will lead to constructive and even life-changing conversations with those who are challenging faith or on its margins.’

The parishes of Pegswood, Bothal, Longhirst piloted Struggling with Suffering in 2009. Revd John Park comments, “Our people have taken a great deal from it and found it to be a very worthwhile experience. I didn’t use all the materials, but it was helpful to have so much to choose from.”

Other comments include:

“Excellent format – covers all individual ways of working, including use of multimedia.”

“An ethos of ‘safety’ helped people to share their feelings and concerns with great confidence.”

If you are interested in the Struggling with Suffering short course (in completing it or even leading it) please contact Alastair Macnaughton, Developing Discipleship Officer .

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