Alumni Network

Lindisfarne has been welcoming students through our doors since 2009, and we count it a privilege to have been part of many students’ journeys. We launched our first Alumni event in October 2018.

Through the alumni network we offer a way for people to stay connected, receive regular updates and support the work of Lindisfarne College of Theology. You will automatically be part of the alumni network when you complete your studies with us.

Annual Events will host an array of guest speakers. This year we welcomed The Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, and have an exciting line up already planned for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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Academic and Pastoral support

Supportive relationships:

From the beginning, help is available from individual tutors. Each student has a personal tutor with whom they meet once a term. Students are also encouraged to talk to their local church leaders, who are often well placed to understand the particular context and to direct individuals to appropriate support (and sometimes they have key resources on their own shelves!).

Our chaplains help with the leading of worship on evenings when we meet for learning and to be available for the personal support of all Lindisfarne students.

Coffee breaks and student relationships are all potential sources of support, and chaplains and those leading modules are encouraged to keep a watchful eye for student wellbeing and to draw alongside them if appropriate.


Study skills:

We have a flexible approach to personalised learning which includes many strategies to make life easier for students.

All students are offered the opportunity of attending a study skills day in the first term, timed to take place after induction is completed and study has begun, to allow for reflection on the experience so far.  Before this, the student handbook includes advice and sources of support for specific study skills, and at the study skills day individuals are encouraged to reflect on their preferred learning styles and preferences, and the opportunities and constraints of their study context, and to develop strategies to deal with these.  The experience so far is reviewed, and the day also covers the following main topics: information skills (including an induction into the use of the NERRC, reading too much/too little, making notes, academic reading, referencing sources, writing skills.

We know that these are effective because of the amazing attainment of our former students, many of whom were new to academic study, or returning to it after some time.


North East Religious Resources Centre:

At Lindisfarne we have the privilege of working alongside the North East Religious Resources Centre (RRC), whereby we have access to a diverse and well stocked collection of resources, boasting over 37000 individual items, making the RRC one of the largest religious resource centres in England.

The friendly team are based in our two centres in Durham and Newcastle, and as a student you will have full access to the library and the online catalogue.


Moodle for Students:

Our students are required to submit all course work on Moodle, our easy to use online learning platform.  Module Guides and assignment schedules are available online, as well as online journals and other subject specific material.

To access our student Moodle page, click here.

If you have not used an online submission system before, don’t worry, this will be part of your induction and the staff and tutors are here to help.


Below are links to other website that may be useful:


For those returning to study after a long break, or whose previous study has been in subjects that are not essay based, you might like to take a look at the BBC Skillswise website.

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