Lindisfarne students come from a wide range of backgrounds. A key aim of the LCT programme is to provide discipleship and ministerial education for people of the Church in the North East, and the programme is designed to be accessible to the diversity of people in this region. Many students begin their course of study having finished school at the age of 16 years, while others come to the programme with MA or PhD qualifications. The programme is progress-oriented and seeks to enable each student to grow right from where they start. Since the programme is ministerial in focus, life experience contributes directly to the student’s starting point and growth.

‘’Students come from a range of backgrounds and this enriches the fellowship. One of the great challenges – and joys – is studying alongside people from different traditions.’’ Julia, Student


’Six years ago, I couldn’t understand how a course of academic study could deepen my spirituality or prepare me for ministry. Little did I realise the challenges, revelations and transformational impact it would have.

Going on a journey of discovery and enquiry with others and being coached and led by a teaching staff who are genuinely committed to supporting that has changed the way I engage with the world on a day to day basis. It has seen me leave the world of big business and set up a charity. It has identified surprising gifts I never knew I had; in preaching, teaching and biblical exegesis. And it has enabled me to develop and use these and existing strengths in support of God’s Kingdom Building project.

I reflect that I can now ask informed questions in the face of difficult situations because I understand more and know less, and this opens up space for the spirit to create new possibilities.  It has been a privilege and a gift to walk this road, to make some lifelong friends and set an academic sceptic on a journey of ongoing learning that will run parallel with my working life going forward, as I complete the degree and look forward to a Masters. Thank you Lindisfarne.’’ Clive, Student


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years of formation as an Ordinand with Lindisfarne. As I embark on my final year I could not recommend the experience more highly to new students.

I love the whole experience of Lindisfarne. Not only is it a top rate academic institution it is a community built on prayer and friendship where individuals are encouraged to flourish in diverse ways. 

I am consistently moved by the genuineness of expressions of faith demonstrated by my tutors and colleagues: (Ordinands, Readers and independent students). It is a great joy for me that all are respected in their diversity. Lindisfarne is genuinely committed to affirming the ministry of both men and women.’’ Derek, Student

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