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Lindisfarne trains people for Reader ministry in the Church of England. Readers play a vital role in the public ministry of the Church, in leading worship, teaching and preaching, as well as in a wide range of pastoral contexts. As lay people who have studied theology they are well placed to stand alongside others as we all wrestle with life’s ‘big questions’. They can help people both inside and outside the Church to interpret life in the light of the gospel and its values. Reader ministry is a voluntary ministry; most Readers continue in their work / everyday life while they train and minister.

A call to public ministry is often recognised first by the individual concerned, but it’s sometimes another person – their vicar, a member of the congregation, a friend or family member – who first mentions the possibility that someone might be being called by God to this ministry.

If you think Reader ministry might be for you, or if others are suggesting that it might be, pray, think and talk about it with a few close and trusted people, and mention it to your parish clergy. If there is general agreement that this seems to be the right thing for you to explore, your vicar will be able to refer you to the appropriate person to discuss with you the process of discernment and selection.

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