Exploring Independent study

Lindisfarne’s core offer includes modules designed to enable you to learn about different ways to pray, to discover your own preferred way to seek God and to be attentive to him, and to learn how to respond as a faithful disciple. All our programmes – Foundation, Certificate, Diploma, BA and MA – seek to build on this foundation to enable you to grow in Christian character and to learn how to serve God. These courses are open to Independent students as well as those sponsored by the Churches for different ministries. We would expect that you can manage the level of study at which you wish to work, that you are in good standing with your local Church, and that you can fulfil the expectations of the Disclosure Barring Service.

If you are interested in studying with us as an independent student, we would love to hear from you.

‘’I joined the Lindisfarne community as a retired teacher and lifelong Anglican, delighted to have the opportunity to learn more about the faith we share.  It has been a privilege to explore the scriptures together with the tutors and fellow students and to debate the very nature of God revealed in both Testaments, the witness and example of fellow students, and in the writings of those who have walked before us along the road.

We have celebrated the joy of discovering how faith in the love of God has inspired humans for thousands of years.  We have struggled with scriptures of despair and suffering.  We have been humbled by the service and dedication of the faithful.  We have been thankful for the fellowship, prayers and support of our fellow travellers.

I am very grateful for all the opportunities that Lindisfarne has given to me to know God better.’’

Ian, Student


LCT Bursary Fund

The LCT Bursary Fund has been set up to provide financial assistance to independent students in meeting the fees of their programme of study at LCT.  View the Bursary Fund Information Sheet.

For students: download a Bursary Fund Application Form.

If you would like to donate to the Bursary Fund to support independent students in meeting their fees, please use the button below.

Possible Sources of Funding

LWPT Vocational Grants

Available to those who need financial assistance in order to enable them to pursue their vocation in ministry, including to those in the early stages of exploring their calling to preach. Grants can be used towards course fees and materials for any recognised course that enables the applicant to explore or develop their preaching skills.

Newcastle upon Tyne Church of England Institute Trust

The Trust awards grants for the education, training and refreshment of members of the Church of England in Newcastle Diocese.

Student Loans

LCT students are not eligible to apply for a student loan to support their studies.


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