Journey of Forgiveness

What are the limits of forgiveness? How can we forgive? Can we expect others to? Forgiveness is not only a core Christian belief but also one of the most decisive ways in which faith and life connect. And yet forgiveness is one of the most difficult things we are challenged to engage in. Forgiveness is a BIG subject!

It is never an easy subject for us to explore. In intellectual terms it is tricky enough, but it also raises many emotional issues. In any group there will be people for whom ‘forgiveness’ brings to the surface difficult and sensitive personal memories. This course covers the challenges of living with hurt over a long period of time and looks at forgiveness on a wider, global level, as well as on a personal one. It has been carefully designed to help people engage with the subject realistically but without being overwhelmed by feelings.

Journey of Forgiveness is one of Lindisfarne’s short Developing Discipleship courses. These courses present a great opportunity for busy people to grow in their discipleship and can be delivered locally according to demand. The course begins on Thursday 8 November and runs for six weeks from 10.30am to 12.00pm at West Moor Methodist Church, Great Lime Road. If interested in attending, please contact Alison Morrison (St Bartholomew’s Church Benton) on 07766 987101 or 0191 266 5240, or Peter Rand (St Andrew’s URC/Methodist Church) on 0191 266 1353 or via email

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